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are springing forward with spring-like temperatures. how many times can we say spring? oakland 67, concord 66, san jose 65. redwood city sunshine for your saturday 63 degrees. a degree or two milder on sunday. monday, tuesday, wednesday, low to mid-70s where we'll stay, 70s each day next week with mainly sunny skies. >>> we have mobile weather out tonight. kpix 5's roberta gonzales is live on the new bay bridge. >> reporter: check it out. mobile weather, we are on the brand-new western span of the bay bridge. check this out brand-new concrete here. to give you a little proximity, back there is the toll plaza. people driving from the east bay would drive up this span here towards the skyway on to the suspension bridge and into treasure island then of course to san francisco. come over here and take a look at the current conditions. it is so cold up here! as paul was saying, it's been a windy blustery day right now 51 degrees. you factor in the wind speed that's very deceiving. there it goes up to 16 miles per hour, a bit of a bite into the air. baromet
punishment. >> fellow human beings. >> reporter: today they rallied in oakland. >> it is torture. >> reporter: on their minds prisoners locked up. >> not like they are prisoners of war. they are in prison here. >> they are human beings. >> reporter: there are 10 convicted criminals associated with rival games. >> they are hopeful because of the lawsuit. >> reporter: she is one of the attorneys representing the prisoners. >> we are seeking a court ruling that anything above 10 years in solitary confinement is unconstitutional. >> reporter: they spend 22 half hours a day deprived of human contact. >> lot of them sleep at cold because it is cold. they don't have access to the outside. >> spokeswoman said it is essentially from allowing them organizing gang aacts -- ang acts. -- gang acts. >> with that out of the way and the other comments she made, we feel like we will be able to make progress more rapidly in the next period. >> reporter: prisoners went on a hunger strike calling attention to the treatment of those and another one could happen
. beautiful day outside. oakland cooler 68. san francisco cooler downtown, 65. and check out the coast. it only hit 55 degrees at half moon bay so a 21-degree temperature spread between our inland locations and at the coastline. i checked this out. did a little number crunching. the average first 80-degree day over the past three days in santa rosa it's early april. all three of you, san jose, livermore and santa rosa may hit 80 tomorrow. in mid-march. something crazy is going on. we have a ridge of high pressure which is in the perfect location not only to keep us dry, that's the easy part. the hard part is getting the wind direction to be exactly where it needs to be to get us that offshore wind. it happens in the fall not as often in the springtime but it's in the perfect location to give us very warm weather tomorrow. now, as soon as thursday, things begin to change. high pressure will sink to the south. the ridge will flatten if you will. we get more of a zonal or west to east -- we'll stay dry but it won't be as warm. the peak of the heat wi
there. water tests are being conducted. >>> oakland's first friday art walk kicked off about an hour ago but tonight there are big changes in the wake of a deadly shooting last month. instead of just canceling the event, organizers revamped it with a focus on safety. kpix 5 reporter patrick sedillo says the art walk is still about culture an connections but now it's also about peace. >> reporter: oakland is gearing up for this month's first friday in oakland. vendors are getting ready. the police in oakland are teaming up to make sure the music and arts festival goes off without a hitch. >> i feel secure with all the police presence and also that it's ending promptly at 9 p.m. >> reporter: there's a sense of concern with cause. last month's first friday was marred when a shooting killed one and wounded two. there will be moments of silence honoring the victims. >> after the incident at the last first friday where someone died a lot of people from the community got together and said, we need to do something about this. >> reporter: at this store a p
is in exchange for the city of oakland's police department not going under federal control. >> thank you. >>> now, the federal appointment just happens to come on the heels of our exclusive kpix 5 poll. 71% of oaklanders who responded told us crime is the number one issue in their city. crime concerns are much lower in san jose and san francisco. and you can find the full results of that poll on our website, cbssf.com. >>> well, oakland police did have something to celebrate today. they recovered a priceless piece of california history taken in a brazen museum burglary. kpix 5 reporter ann notarangelo shows us the case is far from closed. >> reporter: the jewelry box is exactly where it should be. it's in the museum behind me but it is still a mystery as to who took it and what were they going to do with it? >> it's been many sleepless nights. >> reporter: it may look like just an expense every jewelry box but this piece of california gold rush history evokes a lot of emotion. it's one of the iconic pieces in this museum. and when the
of a massive manhunt. investigators say he killed three people including oakland rapper kenneth cherry. police say harris fired into the rapper's maserati on the las vegas strip last week causing a fiery chain reaction crash. the maserati slammed into a taxi which burst into flames killing the driver and his passenger. investigators say harris argued with cherry earlier in the parking area of a hotel. >> we believe shortly after the incident that occurred near las vegas, mr. harris was a fleeing felon. he left las vegas shortly after this event occurred. now, when exactly he left, i'm not going to go into that, as well. but what we do know is he did leave las vegas pretty rapidly. >> reporter: police had already found and talked to three women who were in harris' range rover the night of the shooting. police say harris, a self- described pimp, has an extensive violent criminal history including robbery, sexual assault and kidnapping. the district attorney did not say if he will seek the death penalty but he said it will be considered. >> i can't ima
to fix it up. >>> west oakland is what many people refer to as a food desert. the low income neighborhood has been lacking access to a grocery store for years. one grass roots organization wants to off a community end grocery store. >> if it is a thousand, think about making it two. if it is five, think about making it 10. >> it is an investment pitch like no other at community center all over the east bay. buying into a community owned grocery store in west oakland. >> folks in particular, working class, middle class can participate. >> they say west oakland a food desert. an urban area lacking access to a grocery store and healthy food. >> there is a real need. it is not just a business opportunity here. >> his plan to offer shares to the public, marketing food in nontraditional grocery stores to shoppers who shop daily buying smaller baskets of food. >> it is very expensive to go to the store. >> but they say they still see opportunities for grocers to make money. the professor compiled a food atlas. >> that is why the idea could be s
degrees. central bay, oakland, upper 60s. it's currently 56 in sausalito. and 50s around the sunset district and also in san francisco due to a wind that's blowing out of the west at 15, some gusts to 25. that wind is onshore and you can see the gathering of the clouds. this is our oakland camera looking towards san francisco. it is a very shallow deck of low clouds and patchy fog and it's very evident on our satellite and radar. you see those clouds straddling the immediate coast here from about the sunset district back in through monterey bay. and that's going to be the scenario tonight. so with that increased cloud cover, we won't see the temperatures as cold as they have been overnight. but nevertheless, we'll have that patchy fog. we'll open up tomorrow with stratus early and then the abundance of sunshine and a warmer day. the extended forecast calls for near or record warmth on wednesday. we'll pinpoint that forecast but first, overnight tonight, 42 degrees in santa rosa. mid-50s santa clara valley. mid-40s central bay. low and mid-40s ar
. sanchez says with the help from his parents he steered clear of trouble in this oakland neighborhood. >> it's a tough situation. >> reporter: a successful businessman touched by the 9/11 attack, he joined the military. >> i'm not doing it for the money or career. i wanted to contribute. >> reporter: his god mother is barbara. >> there's a heart felt feeling what's going on in oakland. >> reporter: a man true to his roots with a message to the youth who live here. >> the thing i would say is to keep dreaming. i think these kids dream enough. they're limited by what they see around them in the neighborhood. there's a big world out there. >> reporter: he's battled in it, kuwait, iraq and afghanistan and now back home in the arms of his family. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the big scissors came out today. [technical difficulties] its president says staying in san jose was a no brainer. >> we've been here in san jose for 20 plus years. we think san jose got a better infrastructure to support manufacturing than any other silicone valley cities. >>
on monday. >>> oakland teachers are critical of a new report on how to improve the city's public schools. the washington, d.c.-based national council on teacher quality released its study today. among the recommendations are improving teacher evaluations linking raises to student achievement and lengthening the teacher's workday to 8 hours. the study reflects the corporate reform agenda of its private backers. the group says better teacher pay, smaller class sizes and clean and safe school would do more to improve education. >>> a judge resumed in favor of the san francisco 49 earns today saying $30 million in disputed tax money was intended for the new santa clara stadium. schools argued they needed that money for classrooms while the team tried to use it to balance the state budget. the money will stay frozen until the judge decides how it should be allocated. >>> employees at san francisco general hospital rallied in front of the hospital over allegations of workplace bullying. union employees point to the case of a hospital interpreter. she left w
businesses in oakland is upset and worryied about value vandals. someone filled every door lock and pad locks with clue. >> there is a lot of security walking around in the day time and they care and do what they can but we need somebody walking around doing something at night. >> oakland police said they received no calls from merchants. ( >> the man accused of stealing an artifact from the oakland museum, stole this jewelry box back in january. impact dates back to the gold rush days. if convicted he could face 10 years in prison and $250,000 fine. >>> lawmakers introduced legislation today. they say too many offenders are ending up on the streets. a recent study shows more sex offenders are on the street since realignment took effect in 2011. >> it's causing very real problems that need very real solutions. we can not allow our communities to live in fear of criminals being released early onto the streets. >> today's proposed legislation
mostly cloudy and oakland is partly cloudy. the temperature for the current numbers are cooler around the bay. sfo 56 degrees. a slight wind. a perfect day. a lot like today. which will be like tomorrow. temperature will be similar. more sunshine tomorrow and that's a nicer day i suspect. the weekend is dry, as we go down the road, as we get into tuesday night and wednesday, we'll see rain, not a big deal. it will be wet. plan accordingly if you have outdoor activities planned for next week. overnight lows 40s. 45 in antioch. a few high clouds today in a mild at the everyone will pursuit into tomorrow. more sunshine as the high pressure pushes more clouds to the north. a nice looking saturday, saturday the nicest day on the weekend. sunday is close behind. the forecast model clears it out. the clouds we're seeing now clear out overnight. maybe coastal fog, we clear out in the afternoon, rain stays to the north as everything, days gets longer. we have a nice looking bay area weekend. it's winter the, we're not going to see rain. 71 in napa, 72
-touch wand. [ whip cracks ]c >>> new at 6:00 a big drug bust at oakland international airport. tsa uncovered 67 pounds of marijuana in a bag checked in by one of the passengers headed to south carolina. the pot was found in a vacuum sealed bag. it has an estimated value of $300,000. alameda county sheriff's deputies did arrest that passenger. >>> dozens of bay area renters could be facing eviction after their landlord was convicted in an elaborate scam. prosecutors say james troy wilson would break into foreclosed homes in santa clara, contra costa and san joaquin counties, fix them up and then post them for rent on craigslist. now his tenants are finding out their leases are not worth the paper they're printed on. >> he was like my knight in shining armor. he helped my family, and then he actually destroyed it because now we're living day to day and not knowing what is going to happen. >> wilson's brother john was just arrested in hayward on similar charges. >>> coming up in our next half hour, the proposed rate hikes so drastic, the state ins
be available by the summerrent -- . >>> >>> fewly launched ferry service between oakland and san francisco is not as popular as predicted. 130 passengers used the ferry daily last month. officials were hoping for triple that number in the first year. the ferry operator wants to add noon trips. >> >> in seven minuteses i'll breakdown which parts of the bay area will see the heaviest rachel and if it will effect your commute. >> >> crafty way conartists used bay area -- u.s. postal service is being irresponsible -- . Ñáçwçñ >>> dozens protested outside of a postal service conference going on outside of san francisco today. >> >> demonstrators, many of whom are postal workers say they are out raged more than $3 million is being spent on a conference at the mascone center. at the same time they are cutting their workforce and planning to eliminate saturday delivery. even so, the post master general said he can't afford not to attend. >> it's a very responsible thing. the people sitting in this room represent $22 billion of revenue,
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)

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